Post-O'alls Mens Classic Pea Coat


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Post O'Alls Mens Pea Coat Size {XL}

Takeshi Ofuchi founded Post O'Alls in 1993, in my opinion, he designs clothing that can be worn in layers his designs are varied jackets that are made like shirts while others have A-line silhouettes what I love is that there is no particular rule to how to put his clothing together they just work organically.

Post O'Alls black men's pea coat which you can trace back to the 18th century, has ten buttons so you can button the coat up to your throat it is made from 100% wool it is fully lined, it has slit pockets to protect your hands in the cold winter months. There are no interior pockets so you'll have to put your mobile elsewhere.

As pea coat go this is a classic.  

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